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Your Data as a Service - Distribute your products accross multiple platforms.With ease.

Simplifio – The Data Company

Simplifio builds and maintains Product Data- and Machine Learning based services online. From smart Price Comparison engines to Feed Management. We’re also the first finnish company who received the partner status from Google’s Comparison Shopping Services (CSS).

More leads

You only pay for actual results, no retainers, no bots, no bullshit

More sales

We find the best channels and technologies to drive the sales you need

Ease of use

No engineering or coding experience needed, just a few clicks and your product data is ready for distribution


Multiple platforms with a little effort, highly automated


We digest your product data to be ready for multiple purposes and platforms. Below you can find a few examples of our solutions.

Google Shopping

  • Your Shopping Ads ROI can be up to 20 % better using a Comparison Shopping Partner (like us) compared to creating Shopping Ads through Google yourself.
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Feed Management

  • Extract once, distribute anywhere with just a few clicks. No engineering or coding experience needed!
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Price Comparison Services

  • Our partners get sales and leads delivered to them daily. What makes our services better than our competition? We automate everything we can!
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