Simplifio – The Data Company

Simplifio builds and maintains product-data & AI-based services online. From price comparison engines to context-based Ad-networks. If there’s data involved => we’re on it.

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We operate across all of Europe and are looking to generate you leads and sales. Get in touch with us to learn more about the services we can provide!

Our solutions

Price Comparisons

We create and run niche focused price comparison websites. Through these comparison websites consumers can find the best products and services for their unique needs fast, free and easy. Our partners get sales and leads delivered to them daily. All results are trackable and measurable with a great ROI. What makes our sites better than our competition? We automate everything we can. Our partners do not need any technical expertise to be added to our platform.

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Lead generation made easy

Sales and high quality leads for retailers and service providers with minimal effort. Automated data management and transformation for eCommerce shops of any size. Tools for affiliates, publishers and media outlets to maximize revenue with just one click.

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Data Management and ETL

Extract data from your eCommerce website with just a few clicks, No engineering or coding experience needed

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Industry and Product Benchmarks

Compare your product pricing to your competitors and the industry average, get automated insights about industry trends & set alerts to get notified when competitors are changing prices

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Create Content in Minutes

Completely automated product and category page content, no need for humans to write or oversee anything. All content infused with your data.

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