About us

Simplifio helps companies create more sales and leads online – on a performance basis – whilst still helping consumers online to find the best solutions for their individual needs. We create value for everyone.

Simplifio builds and maintains Product Data- and Machine Learning based services online. From smart Price Comparison engines to Feed Management.

The idea for Simplifio was born when its founders noticed how little actual product data is utilized on the Web. Consumers do not know where to find the best or cheapest products or services for their individual needs. Companies do not know how to market to their desired customer segments.

We realized how much time it takes for consumers to actually find what they need. And we decided to solve this problem through AI and data management. Through our web-based services we help consumers find what they need all the while generating more sales and leads to companies that operate through the Internet.

It requires a lot to understand both the needs of the customers and the providers. In our opinion, neither actually understand each other perfectly. But we do. We gather all relevant data from the consumers and match that with our product database providing the users with the perfect solutions or products for their unique needs.

With our smart machine learning system, ever-growing product database and automated marketing solutions, we can provide better matches between the customers’ needs and the providers inventory, therefore creating more value to both ends of the value chain.

As our services are completely free to consumers, we have fast gained popularity in selected markets and are aggressively expanding our services to new countries and niches.


  • Sell more with less risk. Performance-based marketing is THE BOMB. You risk nothing as you only pay us after a sale has been made or a lead confirmed. All our services are created with great taste and consideration, so what you’ll get is excellent exposure and tons more sales. What’s not to love?
  • Make your life easier. In addition to our own platforms, we offer you all that is needed to sell more through other platforms. Want to take your whole inventory to Amazon? Check! Want to create Facebook Product Ads on the fly? Check! Need a unique feed for your Blue Chip customer? Check! We do all this and more in mere minutes.


  • Save money. You will find the best products and services for your needs fast and easy. Completely free.
  • Easy to use. You do not need to be a lawyer, an engineer or a marketing genius to understand how our services work. We make buying and selling online easier than ever before.
  • Fast. You do not have to contact 12 different providers to get the best offers. You just need us. You provide us with the needed information and we will do the rest. From buying certain prdocuts to finding the best services just for you. You win. We win.

Simplifio – The Data Company.