Data Management and ETL

DATA as a service.

If data is not your main business, why worry about it?

Our tool will simply make your life easier and free your time to work on more important tasks.

And while we’re at it, why wouldn’t you let us use your data to automate your content creation and ad creation?

  • Extract data from your eCommerce website with just a few clicks
  • No engineering or coding experience needed
  • Transform the collected data to any needed format (Amazon feed, Facebook Product Ads, Google Merchant Product Feed, etc)
  • Connect our system to any other platform for easy data management
  • Automate & keep data up to date everywhere by just updating info on your own eShop

What is ETL?

ETL comes from the words “extract, transform, load” and it refers to a data integration setup where data is blended from multiple sources.

  • Data is Extracted from multiple sources in different forms.
  • Data is Transformed into a format that can be used and analyzed
  • Data is Loaded into a data warehouse

This standardized data can then be used for anything from marketing automation and content creation to inventory management and simple product information updates across multiple platforms.

Make data management easy. Let our tool do it for you!