Google Shopping

Your Shopping Ads ROI can be up to 20 % better using a Comparison Shopping Partner (like us) compared to creating Shopping Ads through Google yourself.

Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) – What it is and why it will save you money and time

A Comparison Shopping Service – like us – is an advertising service that combines the best of two worlds: price comparison websites and effective Google Shopping Ads. We gather price and product data from online retailers and offer consumers a free service to compare products and prices easily. We then send the users to the retailer’s website to make the actual purchase.



We read and transform your product data into a Google Shopping feed with our Machine Learning powered platform. All your data is maintained and updated automatically. No manual work required. You will:

  1. Get visibility in our high quality price comparison websites.
  2. Get super relevant AUTOMATED advertising in Google Shopping.
  3. Get a ROI increased by 20 % compared to doing Shopping Ads yourself.
  4. Maintain full control over your advertising strategy and budget.

Benefits of using a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)

  • Leads and sales through our price comparison websites
  • Automated feed creation and maintenance, no manual work required
  • Predictable costs: we take a monthly fee for the automation of feeds + you pay per click only what Google takes for the Google Shopping Ads
  • Better ROI: more impressions, clicks and sales with the same money


Why 20 %?

When you create Shopping Ads through Google yourself, Google takes a 20% margin. Meaning, that if you offer to pay 1 euro per click, only 80 cents actually goes to the auction and Google takes the remaining 20 cents. Here it gets interesting. A EU legislation change required Google to offer comparison shopping services a fair playing ground. Therefore, for ads placed through a CSS, the 1 euro you pay for the auction actually goes to the auction. Through a Google CSS partner like us, your money goes 100 % to your visibility.

So why pay 25 % higher click costs than your competitors who have already partnered with us?